Following Jewish footsteps
through medieval Rothenburg

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Third Synagogue
Construction drawing from 1889 of the house used as a synagogue.
Source: Rothenburg ob der Tauber town archives
Floor plan with interior fittings, teacher's flat, school- and counselling room.
Source: Rothenburg ob der Tauber town archives
Up until 1870 settling in Rothenburg hadn't been possible anymore for Jews. Their old synagogues didn't exist anymore, that's why they had to make do with rented rooms on Heringsbronnengässchen. These rooms in a Jewish house were used as a school, prayer room and community centre. The small Jewish community went through ups and downs (e.g. WWI, 1914 -1918) living side by side with their Christian neighbours.

The National Socialists coming into power brought the brutal displacement and deportation of the Jewish community in 1938. From then on to this day no Jewish citizen has settled in Rothenburg.